5 Fancy Waters That Make Skin Look Fantastic

Water is one of the best ingredients for your skin. No, seriously — it might seem like a gimmick but it turns out that good ‘ol H2O is exceptionally beneficial for your complexion. But it’s not like this is plain water from the tap. Cosmetic chemists and formulators are finding exciting new derivatives of super-powered waters from the earth, the sea, and even plants. It’s proof that water can do so much more than just get rid of dirt and oil.

Traditionally, if any skin product is primarily water, that’s because it’s acting as a solvent for the other ingredients, keeping the formulation together and in tact. That’s the case with the Blithe Rejuvenating Purple Berry Patting Splash Mask, which is not only made with water but also requires you to splash water onto your complexion, patting it on to activate. Skin looks like its fresh from a really good facial, but instead you spent a mere 15 seconds sprucing yourself up.


Then, of course, are the new class of waters: ones derived from other sources that have extra magical powers and help to improve skin’s texture, tone, and health. Witch hazel water, for example, is an astringent-like ingredient that sops up excess oil without harshing skin’s vibes, making it ideal for formulating in a toner, like the Yuri Pibu Parsley Herb Toner.


Sea water — as in the stuff from the ocean I hope to soon be swimming in — is excellent for the skin as well, as it’s full of skin-nourishing antioxidants and minerals. The Id.Az Dermastic Water Fit Mask, for example, helps to plump and hydrate skin with the minerals found in sea water including magnesium and vitamin C along with moisturizing heavyweight hyaluronic acid.


Beyond the big guys, are the lesser-seen, newer-to-the-market waters, such as black peat moss. Definitely new to the skincare scene, the ingredient, which is found in Make Pr:em Clean Me. Black Cleansing Water, is a potent moisturizer. It helps to retain an extra dose of hydration after washing to avoid over-drying skin. It’s pretty cool to look at, too.

GlowRecipe_MakePrem_black-cleansing-water_texture_1024x1024 resized

And Earth’s Recipe Waterful Sun Gel SPF+50 PA+++  is proving that everything old is new again with the use of a special type of sparkling water. Not only does it make your complexion look positively radiant (almost sparkle, you could say) upon application, but it’s also improving skin’s health while protecting it from the sun’s rays. That’s because the sparkling water — specifically, the high silica content mineral water sourced from the English town of Harrogate — helps to rebuild skin cells by strengthening the material around collagen and elastin cells, keeping skin more plump over time.

Waterful Sun Gel Earth's Recipe Natural Korean Beauty Skincare SPF 50 harrogate sparking water Mineral content Collagen elastin cell

So, next time you hear someone say water “doesn’t do anything for your skin,” set them straight with your new knowledge of all things H2O. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.

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