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4 Ways to Enjoy Misugaru

While we love our products, Glow Recipe is also about beauty from the inside out, and one of the team’s daily habits is to start the day with a healthy Misugaru shake. We’ve been seeing Misugaru mentions more often on cooking blogs & news articles lately and wanted to give you our lowdown.


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WHAT IS MISUGARU: Misugaru is a blend of roasted and finely milled grain and seed powders. The blend depends on the brand, but most often includes black beans, barley, brown & black rice, Job’s Tears, Alda beans and sesame seeds. Misugaru is high in vitamins, proteins, folates and even calcium and is considered a health food in Korea. It’s often consumed as a on-the-go breakfast staple.

HOW TO TRY MISUGARU: A classic Misugaru Shake is a few scoops of misugaru, ice, milk and honey to taste but it’s also been used in all types of cooking from pancakes, soups to desserts. We are also particular to Caffe Bene’s Misugaru Latte, which is the right mix of nutty, sweet and simply delicious. We’ve summarized our top 4 favorite Misugaru recipes for you below.

WHERE TO GET MISUGARU: At your local Asian/ Korean food store. also carries multiple varieties. Try to pick one that has a blend of multiple beans, grains and seeds – we find these have a more nuanced flavor.

ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW: A recent trend in Korea was to use misugaru in skincare. Bloggers would mix a scoop of misugaru into plain yogurt and leave on skin for 10 minutes before washing off for a boost of hydration. While applying foodstuff to your skin might not be your jam, we do love skincare with healthful grain ingredients such as Shara Shara’s Black Bean Cleansing Oil and Caolion’s Blackhead Steam Pore Pack.

Also, since Misugaru blends differ by brand, if you have any soy allergies, make sure to select one that doesn’t have soy bean powders.

Enjoy our Misugaru recipe cheatsheet below! Also email us with any questions, comments or feedback at

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