3 Tips for Making Any Hyaluronic Acid Product More Effective

When it comes to maintaining a year-round glow, freezing temperatures and dry winds are not your skin’s best friends. Throw in zero-percent humidity and you’ve got the makings of a flaky, dull complexion all winter long. One way to stay on top of the problem? Using a product with hyaluronic acid (aka HA)—the clever little molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.

“Skin that is inflamed from chronic dryness or stress usually doesn’t have a strong barrier and can’t retain moisture well,” explains Dr. Noëlle S. Sherber, a dermatologist in Washington D.C.  “So adding topical hydration through hyaluronic acid can help restore healthy functioning and play a critical role in bringing skin back into balance, reducing roughness, and calming redness.” Best part? It benefits every skin type—even oily girls, since it’s lightweight and won’t clog pores. Slathering it on is a good start, but do these three things and flaky winter skin doesn’t stand a chance.

Smooth It On Damp Skin

Think of your face as a sponge—when it’s wet, it’s more receptive to absorbing whatever comes its way, including a supercharged toner like LJH Grow Hyal B5 Toner. In addition to its potent blend of essential fatty acid-rich olive and carrot seed oils, this bouncy gel combines five different kinds of hyaluronic acid to provide longer-lasting hydration. “Applying HA products when skin is slightly damp after cleansing or showering will help bind water to the skin and enhance the hydrating effects,” says Sherber. For even more moisture, consider doing the 7-Skin Method and following it up with an HA serum like LJH Grow Hyal B5 Ampoule or if you’re sensitive, a soothing formula like ID.AZ Dermastic Essence. Created by one of Seoul’s top dermatology clinics, the ID.AZ Dermastic Essence treats and hydrates sensitized, post-laser skin to promote healing.

Top It Off

“Always seal in hyaluronic acid with an occlusive product, such as a facial oil or a moisturizer,” says Sherber. “Otherwise, if you go into an environment with dry air, it can actually pull hydration from your skin.” To get the best results, warm up your face oil or moisturizer (we like Make P:rem Safe Relief Cream for day and the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask at night) between your fingertips first, then gently press it into the skin. Not only does it feel ridiculously luxurious, the heat also helps ingredients interact with your skin faster.

Beat the Heat

In winter, combating the outdoor elements is obvious, but indoor heating can also suck the life out of skin. The simple fix that makes a huge difference: using a humidifier, especially at night. “Sleeping with a humidifier is a great trick for waking up with dewy skin—the moisture in the air will intensify the effects of hyaluronic acid and keep your face from drying out.”

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