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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Jelly Pack

The J. One Jelly Pack is April’s Glow Gamechanger– a monthly product feature that highlights a treatment that’ll change your skincare game forever. For a limited time, shop the Jelly Pack at a game-changing price here.

The J. One Jelly Pack has a definite girl next door vibe: beneath its shiny exterior lies one of the coolest products we’ve spotlighted for Glow Gamechanger to date that maxes out the versatility factor to a new level. To recap, the Jelly Pack is a dynamic skin-firming, radiance boosting, wiggly jelly that literally does triple duty. It can act as either…

  • a complete morning skincare routine, all in one pump
  • a makeup gripping ‘foundation glue’, or
  • an oxygenating, brightening, firming sleeping mask

But, you’re saying, this texture is not at all what I expected. Me either- nor many of our guest bloggers or staffers: the Jelly Pack was a Mystery Date for us all when we first met. For me, it went something like this: Christine asked me to swivel my swivelly self around and promptly pumped some mysterious gel onto the back of my hand. Common Glow Recipe procedure!

I lifted my other hand to begin rubbing the formula around, and Christine said “No, no- pat! Pat it!” very excitedly, so pat I did. She told me to keep patting, and in slow motion I experienced the fabled ‘water break’- a term I later learned is used in cosmetic formulating to communicate that a formula breaks into what feels like droplets of water on the skin. I was in a moment of miniature-awe, the kind that only happens when you experience something very new and slightly, beautifully odd. I kept patting, and the formula sank into my skin. It left the back of my hand soft, yet a smidge grippy, with that chok-chok pull singular to magnificent hydrators.

But, you’re saying, how do I experience the chok-chok realness for myself? Read on, my friend. Let’s talk about the best ways to use your new favorite all-in-one.

1. Pat, pat, rest

Don’t rub, pat. The game-changing secret to applying skincare is that patting motion- it helps products to absorb better and is the gentler alternative to rubbing, which cases friction and tugs at the skin. If you’re not sure how to -pat-pat- check out this recent Facebook Live– Sarah and I demonstrate the 7 Skin Method and spend a lot of time patting. Click through to timestamp 29:00 to get to the patting action. The Jelly Pack’s clingy, grippy texture is best applied by dispensing two pumps onto the fingertips, drawing the fingertips of both hands together to get an even amount of product on each, then using your fingertip to apply the Jelly Pack upward and outward in a painterly motion, patting constantly. The video below showcases Christine and I applying the Jelly Pack this way. The key to the JP is that you need to commit to a full 30-60 seconds of patting to help the formula settle onto the skin. Then, wait at least two full minutes before applying makeup- those people using a foundation brush or sponge might want to wait a bit longer for the formula to fully ‘set up’- the perfect time to work on eye makeup or perfect your cat eye!

2. Start with the right canvas

Before applying the Jelly Pack, cleanse the skin and apply any hydrators you want to use. In the AM, I typically use a hydrating toner and then the Huxley Oil Essence, taking care to pat these in until just damp before applying the Jelly Pack. If you have drier skin, you can also use a moisturizer before the JP, but remember that this formula is chock-full of hydrators and oxygenators: experiment and see what feels right. I use only two pumps, which is plenty for full-face coverage- too much will just end up gummy. Applying the Jelly Pack on damp skin is a tip that Sheryll also shared- I agree that this helps tremendously with spreadability! If you’re running short on time, you can also grab your favorite mist and use that before painting & patting. SPF can be applied directly on top.

3. Portions

There’s something to be said for portion control in skincare- more isn’t always more. The Jelly Pack’s unique texture is one that lends itself to stricter portions: use only two to three pumps, then commence patting procedule. Because the Jelly Pack is skincare first and foremost, it needs that patting and set-up time to bond with skin. If too much is applied or if it’s rubbed into a dry complexion, the formula will skitter and pinch: the patting allows the jelly to be spread evenly and thoroughly. This formula just doesn’t like to be pushed around! Its ability to ‘glue’ foundation to the skin for creaseless, poreless, ultra-long wear is worth waiting for- we promise. 😉

Get glued,

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  • Karla Apr 22, 2017 6:18 pm

    I'm in my mid-50s. All of your testers look really young. Is this a good product for aging skin?

    • Susan Apr 23, 2017 11:03 am

      I'm also in my 50s... and to be honest, I think this might work BETTER for aging skin, because there's more to lift. I love this stuff! Don't expect surgery -- but it def tightens, softens, and is *astounding* for keeping sunblock/foundation/BB cream in place.

  • jean mackenzie Apr 22, 2017 5:31 am

    Hi Guys, I have just received my Jelly pack. I live in France so had to wait a time to receive it. Loving it already thank you so much I do have a couple of questions. 1. can it go around my baggy liney eyes (yuk) and are the two pumps full pumps, pressing down fully each time?

  • Judy Apr 16, 2017 11:44 am

    I had been hesitant to purchase the Jelly Pack until I watched this video. Christine and Katie your video was perfect in answering my questions. Thank you both! Now the Jelly Pack is on my list to buy, STAT!

  • Linda H Bristow Apr 15, 2017 2:41 pm

    I definitely was not patting in a painter fashion as I am so used to rubbing treatments and foundation onto my skin. Now that I watched the entire tutorial, I will go at application in a totally different way. Oh, I have the Black jelly night pack and I was making the same mistake with it. Never too old to learn!

  • Sheela Goh Apr 13, 2017 6:27 pm

    Alright, I was about to give up on this product but now I know, spreading it around or swirling it on my hands before application are simply not how to use the Jelly Pack. I'm going to try the finger-dabbing-painterly-tapping move tomorrow morning :)

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