3 Reasons Why Korean Girls Can’t Live Without Cleansing Water

Meet Jo, our intern in Seoul! Like many of us, Jo leads a busy life running around the city. Unlike many of us, her skin is—as many commenters on her K-beauty routine video pointed out—flawless and the very definition of #skingoals.

And no, the video didn’t have any filters (pinky promise!). It was just Jo, completely makeup-free with the exception of a simple swipe of liquid liner, which she kept pristine throughout her routine by carefully avoiding her eye area. (Talk about #skincareskills.) To boost your glow in a major way, doing every single step will pay off, but for those nights you just can’t make it to the sink, stash a bottle of Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water on your nightstand—it’s the one desert island must-have Jo can’t live without. Here’s why:

It’s a magic eraser for makeup

Jo wears minimal makeup on a daily basis: a light-handed layer of BB cream, followed by natural “point” makeup (aka everything except foundation) on her eyes, cheeks, and lips. After a long day, a cleansing water-soaked cotton pad makes sweeping away all traces of makeup so easy; for smaller corners of the face, try a Q-tip instead. What’s more, when makeup mishaps like uneven eyeliner or errant lipstick happen (and they always do!), cleansing water makes damage control a breeze. For more heavy-duty makeup looks, Jo recommends pressing the cotton pad and applying gentle pressure for at least five seconds before wiping. This technique helps the cleansing water to break down makeup before being whisked away.

It keeps skin dewy and hydrated

The number one rule in Jo’s skincare routine? Hydrate skin at every possible moment. In Korea, that means even during the makeup removal and cleansing steps. Whamisa’s cleansing water is her favorite since it actually leaves behind good-for-skin moisture and nourishment without feeling sticky or oily. And Jo isn’t shy or stingy about the amount she uses—no corner of the cotton pad should be dry! Soak it through edge to edge; you want to keep your skin wet with product, so you’re not tugging or pulling.

It doesn’t strip

Her other secret to achieving mul gwang skin is using very little water on it, especially when cleansing. She says that when plain-old tap water eventually evaporates, it sucks the skin’s natural moisture along with it. Since makeup-removing oils or balms require an additional trip to the sink, no-rinse cleansing waters are the gold standard. When it comes to double-cleansing, she tackles the issue by never letting the water on her skin fully dry. Instead, she’ll gently pat her face with tissues, then immediately douse it in a hydrating toner as the first leave-on source of moisture. Look for ones with an ultra-moisturizing base of aloe vera like Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner, which leaves skin smooth and bouncy to the touch.

Want the scoop on Jo’s start-to-finish glass skin routine? Shop her entire kit here!

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