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1 Day, 1 Mask: Korea’s Top Beauty Trend

One of the most popular beauty trend in Korea is called “1 day, 1 pack.” And while this is not a reference to an unfortunate nicotine habit, it may well be just as addictive.

1 일1팩, as it’s called in Korean, is a beauty trend that originated in Korea some years ago, when stories began emerging about Korean celebrities attributing their amazingly pristine skin to their use of a sheet mask every day. It wasn’t long before the skin care-obsessed nation — where decent quality sheet masks abound in every convenience store for as little as $1 each — was obsessing over incorporating a daily mask, like a complexion multivitamin, into their already impressive regimens.

The trend soon spread to K-beauty aficionados all over the world, with Instagram and Reddit users challenging each other to use one sheet mask a day. (The hashtag #1 일1팩 currently has almost 35,000 posts on IG, while #sheetmask has over 75,000.) The movement reached fever pitch last year, with the rallying cry of skin care fanatics that Chinese superstar Fan Bing Bing (known for her flawless complexion) uses at least two sheet masks a day (over 600 a year). Soon, Vogue and Allure were writing about daily sheet masking as the latest trend to come out of the beauty capital.

While one sheet mask a day for an entire year sounds a bit expensive (not to mention time-consuming, though I guess if you’re a celebrity, you have loads of both), trying one mask a day for a week or so may be just what the doctor ordered for a seasonal reboot or after a particularly stressful month. In fact, there are now Korean sheet masks that come in curated packs of five or seven and are intended for use one per day. Think of it like incorporating an ampoule for times when your skin needs a boost, like before a wedding.

Glow Team Masking Picks

Sweet Chef Ginger + Vitamin C Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask

A glass of OJ in the morning and your daily dose of vitamin C for the skin too! Reveal brighter, more radiant skin in an instant with Ginger + Vitamin C. Did you know that ginger has 40 different types of antioxidant properties? This combination of ginger, vitamin C, and turmeric is an all around radiance booster that will help fade dark spots and even out skin tone.

Sweet Chef Beet + Vitamin A Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask

Enlarged pores? Textured skin? Beet + Vitamin A will bring you closer to selfie-ready skin! Beets boost your moisture levels, leaving your skin looking and feeling oh so smooth. Vitamin A brings out your glow as its antioxidant properties minimize signs of aging including fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask

This sheet mask contains the ultimate combo to give your skin a hydrating, soothing pick-me-up. Kale, a superfood, delivers vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to help your skin get back to its balanced state. Vitamin B and aloe barbadensis flower extract are extremely calming, so if your skin is prone to flaking, redness or irritation, you’ll want these sheet masks on hand!

Sheet masking in the morning is a great time hack. Instead of layering five serums in the morning, I just applied a sheet mask and then checked email for 20 minutes before finishing with a moisturizer. I was so much more productive, all with less effort than my usual skin care regimen.

A one pack a day habit? I can get addicted to this.

Anna M. Park is the editor of beauty and travel blog

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  • Edna Hunter Sep 24, 2016 6:37 pm

    I could easily enjoy a sheet mask a day! I love the rubber masks too! There is nothing like Korean skin care to feel beautiful! I visited Korea a long time ago but I only enjoyed the food! Ha ha! I wish now that I would have been introduced the skin care then! My skin is now well hydrated, smooth, glowing and few wrinkles! Not bad for 64 years old! Love Korean everything!

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