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Natalia is a 15-year-old President in her village in from Mozambique. A couple of years ago, Natalia’s day used to begin at 4:30am standing in line for 2 hours to gather water from a hand-dug hole for her family. She loved going to school but was only able to attend after she collected water so she could only attend twice a week. charity: water, a non-profit organization that helps give communities in need access to clean and safe drinking water, came to help Natalia’s village. Through her renewed access to water, Natalia was able to focus on her education and used her voice to be elected as president and represent her village.

Inspirational stories like this is why we’re supporting charity: water’s mission to help more people get access to clean drinking water.


Running water — be it for drinking, cooking, or washing your face — is something that many of us take for granted. But many people, 663 million, to be exact, live without clean and safe drinking water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide (twice the population of the United States). While that on its own is a significant statistic, here’s something many people overlook: The majority of people impacted by this issue are women and children since they are the ones spending a cumulative 40 billion hours a year to collect water for their families.


After learning more about this issue, we knew we had to do something about it. As a female-owned business, we’re especially passionate about empowering women, helping them glow and feel their best. In celebration of our new Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, we wanted to take it one step further by helping others glow from the inside out. Starting on November 27th, we’re teaming up with charity: water for our #givingglow initiative with the goal of giving women and children in these communities more time and opportunities to get an education, start a business, and follow their dreams.

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Hundreds of millions of people live without access to things that we take for granted daily – and clean water is one of them 💧Women and children are especially impacted by this as they often have to walk for hours everyday to draw water for their communities – and it makes it more difficult for them to get an education and pursue their dreams. . When we learned about @charitywater 's mission to bring clean water to communities, we wanted to support and help bring awareness to the impact they were making. We started Glow Recipe simply because we loved seeing how selfcare helped women feel their best and we wanted take this a step further with this special cause. . From now until the end of 2018, we'll donate $15 for each glowing selfie posted with the hashtag #givingglow, up to $10K: 1⃣ Take a selfie that shows how you glow (no rules and no products needed) 2⃣ Post it w the hashtag #givingglow and tagging @charitywater and @glowrecipe. (tag a few friends to get them involved!) 3⃣ Celebrate! You just helped provide clean water to an entire community! . Here's my own ✨ selfie – I'm on a early morning ✈️ today and feeling a bit rundown but infinitely grateful to be able to do what I love everyday and share it with everyone – would love to see your glowing faces as well! . P.S. We're also pledging 10% of our proceeds from glowrecipe.com today to charity: water for #GivingTuesday. . 👉link in our bio to learn more about charity: water and inspirational stories about what some remarkable women were able to achieve when given the resources and opportunities. ✨

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For every #givingglow Instagram posted throughout the end of 2018, we’ll donate $15 to help fund a community with clean, safe drinking water, up to $10,000.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a selfie that shows how you glow.
  2. Post it on your Instagram, use the hashtag #givingglow and tag @charitywater and @glowrecipe. (Bonus points if you tag a few friends to get them involved!)
  3. Celebrate! You just helped provide clean water to an entire community!

Want to see just how life-changing this type of support can be? Here are some other inspiring stories of women who have transformed their lives thanks to charity: water’s good work and the help of people like you.

More Bread for the Baking

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“I Feel Beautiful for the First Time”


Meet Helen Apio. Clean water gave her time to eat, send her children to school, garden, and take a bath. All these things make her feel beautiful  

For more information on charity: water, check out their website.

Thank you so much for your support and here’s to spreading glow all over the world!

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