How to Treat Mask Acne, a.k.a. Maskne

A face mask or covering could lead to a little-known type of acne.

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How To Get Glowing, Luminous, Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin is skin that’s glowing and fresh, like morning dew.

How To Get The Bouncy Skin Look

Bouncy Skin is skin so hydrated and supple, it bounces back.

How A Professional Makeup Artist Gets Glass Skin

Glass Skin is a complexion so smooth, so translucent, so clear that it looks like a pane of glass.

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

How to Treat Facial Pores According to Your Skin Type

Pores can seem pretty straightforward: They’re either clogged or clear, large or small. Easy, right? Not exactly.

Tyler’s Anti-Breakout Skin-Care Routine

If you’re dealing with breakouts, make sure that you are incorporating pore refining actives in a super-gentle way. Here’s how our Glow Gang member Tyler helps keep blemishes at bay.

Here’s The Steps We’ve Taken To Foster Diversity

We recognize that the beauty industry hasn’t always held the door wide open for the Black community, so here’s what we’re doing to help fix that.

Announcing Our Mentoring Programs

It’s no secret that the beauty industry has a lot of work to do to diversify its workforce, ourselves included. Last week we announced that we would be launching a mentorship program to help create more opportunities for small Black-owned businesses and for Black students looking to learn more about what it’s like to work…

Boss Babes: Ally Maki, Founder of Asian American Girl Club

Ally Maki tells us about why she started AAGC, challenges she’s overcome, and spills some of her beauty secrets!