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The Best Beauty Advice Our Moms Gave Us

Our beauty and self-care rituals wouldn’t be what they are today without the women who helped shape us. Here, some of our favorite women to share the best beauty advice their mothers gave them. “My mom always taught me that taking care of my skin and building a healthy foundation is the most important thing.…

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Boss Babes: Sadie Lincoln Founder of Barre3

Read on to learn about Sadie’s passions, her personal and professional values, and her surprising trait that ultimately helped build her business.

Boss Babes: Janine Lee Founder of Floss Gloss

Janine tells us about starting a business right out of college, her seasonal ways to unwind, and the challenges of being a female founder.

DanceBody’s Katia Pryce Reveals Her Healthy Skin Secrets

Katia Pryce, founder of the insanely popular DanceBody workout, shares her pre- and post-workout skin-care routine.

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Korea’s Most Famous Makeup Artist Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets

Hint: healthy skin is the first step.

K-beauty Products

5 Beauty Editors Share Their Fave K-Beauty Secrets

Beauty editors explain the K-beauty tips, products, and tricks they use on themselves.

Your 5 Biggest Eye Cream Questions, Answered

In the beauty world, eye creams are almost as divisive as French manicures — people either swear by them or reject their premise outright. We spoke to a leading dermatologist to settle the debate on whether you need one (spoiler alert: probably). And if you do, what you need to know about using it. Below,…

Ask a Glow Pro: How Can I “Clean Up” My Skincare Routine?

Comb through any drugstore aisle or Sephora shelf, and you’ll see a healthy assortment of products touting some kind of “natural” or “non-toxic” aspect, a big trend in the skincare world right now—and of paramount importance to beauty consumers. (Aka: You guys.) And that’s not surprising since, on average, we’re slathering, lathering, and massaging our…

5 Pro Tricks for Nailing Date-Night Beauty

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s with your bae, Galentine’s with your squad, or just grabbing drinks on a regular old Wednesday night, there are a few strategic moves that will help you look and feel your best. And it all stems from skincare, because if you don’t prep properly, it’s pretty much impossible to achieve flawless…