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gr family.pngDear Glow Family,

It was just over 4 years ago, as we sat drinking wine and sheet masking, that we came up with the idea to start the first natural K-beauty destination. We pooled our savings together and launched Glow Recipe in the winter of 2014. The first batch of orders were mostly from friends and family, and we shipped products and hand wrote thank you cards for every order.  


Since then it’s been a whirlwind journey and we’ve loved growing this together with you. In line with our beliefs that the act of caring for your skin is so much more than product itself, we introduced new concepts like 7 Skin Method, splash masks, and glass skin and were completely blown away by your response. Your feedback told us our passion for clean, quality skincare and an educational approach to beauty was the right direction. You cheered us on through a Shark Tank appearance, partnering with Sephora on their first K-beauty animation, our first QVC segment, bi-coastal popups, a warehouse move, and many more. We’re proud of what GlowRecipe.com has become today thanks to your support — a meticulously hand-picked curation of clean, gentle skin-care, filled with K-beauty brands that the Glow Recipe team has worked alongside for years.

We launched our namesake brand Glow Recipe Skincare in 2017 as part of our continued mission to provide sensorial, innovative skin-care to make your routine effective, easy and unapologetically fun. We were one of the first to use watermelon in skin-care and you guys helped make Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask one of the most liked skin-care products in the history of Sephora.com.

watermelon glow ugc.png


Recently, we’ve been hearing that you want to see even more from Glow Recipe Skincare — more products and more tutorials. With this groundswell of demand, we recognized this is a critical time for us to shape the future of Glow Recipe. Starting July 1, we will no longer be curating K-beauty brands. Until then, we want to make sure you’re able to get your hands on your favorite products, so we’ll be offering some of your beloved brands with significant discounts. Our Glow Miles program will be continuing and you’ll be able to redeem and accumulate points on all your purchases.

With this evolution, our team is better able to bring you next-generation product innovation and skincare education, continue to create disruptive online and offline experiences, and expand internationally to more countries (we hear you!).  We can’t wait for you all to experience the new skincare launches that we’ve spent months and even years perfecting.  We’re also excited to be sharing even more content and tutorials that will serve to make your skin-care routine more fun, easy, and approachable.

We’re incredibly grateful for the partnerships with the curated brands and so proud of the some of the brands we’ve incubated over the years. Our strong relationships and collaborations have been critical to our growth and also for the brands to enter into the global market. We are excited to see them continue to grow and flourish in the US, and for you to continue to have access to them, so we have connected many of them to retailers here.


We’re still in the early stages of our journey to help everyone glow with skin-care — and beyond. Nothing makes us happier than to see Glow Recipe Skincare in your shelfies, or hearing that our skin-care tips have changed your routine for the better. We’re honored to be part of your daily self-care rituals, in what we hope are the most pampering, relaxing moments of your day. Thanks for being a part of our story and here’s to the many more exciting chapters to come.



P.S. Join us on our Instagram today, June 10, at 4pm EST where we’ll go live to answer your questions. You can also shop our Glow All Out sale here.



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17 replies

  1. Look, GlowRecipe brand products are “fine,” but you have helped so many people fall in-love with the K-Beauty genre. This feels like a betrayal. I WAS preparing to try the Avocado Mask next, but I’m so irritated that I’m reluctant to purchase GlowRecipe Brand products altogether! All this has done is put me off. Call me a “Downer” w/e, but I promise I’m not the only one who feels this way………. Excuse me while I start hunting the whole dang internet for my favorite products that have now vanished.


    • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your feedback. We have several new products planned this year to fill in the space left by some of the brands we will no longer carry.

      Like any brand, Glow Recipe carries a specific point of view and brand ethos – in our instance it is unique, plant and fruit-based everyday products. We now want to manufacture them ourselves exclusively, instead of finding them already made from another brand. This gives us complete control over the process and will inherently make it more transparent for our customers.

      The background of our founders means that having their own skincare line and devoting all time and energy into expanding and perfecting that was the natural progression for them, and we’re excited to see their combined 20+ year goal come to fruition. We completely understand that many people like to stick to a product they’ve known and loved for months/years, and we wouldn’t blame anyone for doing the best thing for their skin.

      We’ll be providing more information at the end of this month, for where you can purchase your Korean favorites now that we will no longer carry them.

      Thanks for taking this journey with us, we truly appreciate your support 🙂


  2. Stop being “negative Nancys”! Glow is not leaving the planet. They are just doing what they do best. K-Beauty has gone commercial and its time for Glow to restate its unique position as one of the most innovative skin care retailers out there. Super excited to see what’s next!


    • Thanks so much, Jean! We really appreciate your longtime support of Glow Recipe! We’re so excited to focus on developing more innovative and exciting K-beauty-inspired products and share more tips and tricks with you. Stay tuned!


  3. Very exciting stuff!! I’m sad to lose a few products you’ve stocked, but this was bound to happen at some point. And it’s a good thing! I’m very happy Glow Recipe is doing so well. There are so many products that I wish you made so I could use yours vs other brands. Just yesterday I was thinking, “What if Glow Recipe made Makeup?” Crazy right?… Maybe not! Good luck on your new path wherever it may take you!


  4. This is bittersweet! I’m so sad that I won’t have access to my k-beauty favs on your site but at the same time looking foward to what new products Glow Recipe has in store for us!


  5. I’m pretty disappointed with this news. Your site helped us learn about a full range of beauty products we generally did not have access to before. You made skincare approachable and friendly. I appreciate the discount to stock up on our favorites – giving us time to find other products and sites to shop from.


    • Hi! We really do appreciate your support throughout our growth as a retailer and, most importantly, a brand. Even through we’re focusing on our namesake Glow Recipe skincare, select curated brands will still be available through Sephora and Jet.com. We’ll let you know as soon as we have updates!


  6. I am SO upset by this news!!! My poor skin has been on a drugstore journey my entire life, beset by products promising results but delivering only chemicals and disappointment. When I was a teen and focused on natural products, my skin saw its first meaningful improvement…. But nothing has had a more profound impact on myskincare than these K-Beauty products! Discovering them through GlowRecipe was a pivotal event, a breakthrough. I am DIRT-POOR, so I want you to appreciate what it takes for me to save the money to purchase each cherished item. It is almost impossible to find some of these products on the web (from legitimate sources, and in English). As overjoyed as I was to discover K-Beauty is as wrenching to discover you are no longer providing it. This decision is a mistake… one that may cost you a loyal customer.


    • Hi Elizabeth! We appreciate your support throughout our journey as a brand and online retailer. Select brands will still be available on Sephora and Jet.com, so we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have news!


      • Don’t get me started on Sephora… Some of my worst Buyer’s Regrets were from that store. $29 for a “multi-tasking” lip balm that sat on my lips like gloop, didn’t even work, and smelled like fake sour apple! While the representative explains “This is our best-selling (blah-blah-blah).” One quality product often shares a shelf with twenty garbage products. They over-emphasize trends, and rely on meaningless marketing words like “Luxe” to push many cosmetics . Its not possible for me to shop there without combing through hundreds of reviews first… Just exhausting! GlowRecipe was a reliable platform where I could readily purchase ANYthing new and it’s always a home run. I will have to dust off my old Sephora card… when I would rather endorse YOU. I’m sorry, but your reply provides little reassurance. GlowRecipe has become a SELLOUT. **sobs for the death of all good things**


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