“The Hottest Natural Beauty Products Come from Here”

We’re honored to be featured in An excerpt from the article: “Much like BB Creams and Konjac Sponges, if there’s a new buzzword in beauty, you can guarantee it came from Korea. While their innovative products have us scrambling to find them before they sell out, often the products’ flaw is that they aren’t natural. Two former…

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Exclusive deals, first looks & more, this way

Glow Recipe is in

Photo: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista  Glow Recipe is in! An excerpt from the article: “Now imagine a Venn diagram with Korean beauty in one circle, and “safe, natural” products in the other. Glow Recipe, a newly launched K-beauty e-commerce site, sits squarely in the intersection of these two concepts….” Read more here:

Probiotics….for the skin?

It’s well known that probiotics are good for the body – these live microorganisms found in yogurt and other fermented foods boost the ‘friendly bacteria’ in your gut. In modern day, stress, work, travelling, taking antibiotics all take a toll on the body’s bacteria balance, so probiotics are a must keep the body healthy and reduce…

Taking an Enzyme Bath (or How to Cure Jet Lag)

Korean bathhouses or jimjilbang have been around in New York and LA for sometime now. These communal bathhouses offer a variety of dipping pools, saunas, steam rooms, ice rooms, massage therapies and even cafes, with enough activities to take up a full day of blissed-out relaxation. Lately Korean jimjilbangs have taken it to the next…

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

4 Ways to Enjoy Misugaru

While we love our products, Glow Recipe is also about beauty from the inside out, and one of the team’s daily habits is to start the day with a healthy Misugaru shake. We’ve been seeing Misugaru mentions more often on cooking blogs & news articles lately and wanted to give you our lowdown. WHAT IS MISUGARU: Misugaru…

Honey, I got you Covered

Every trip back to Korea doesn’t just mean suitcases filled with the latest beauty products. It’s also non-stop indulgence in comfort foods such as bulgogi, bibimbap and then the not-so-familiar latest food trends. This summer, our favorite “new find” in the midst of heat-struck, humid Seoul was Softree Honey Chip Ice Cream. The ice cream itself, made…