Real girl reviews: see how this K-beauty acne routine transformed their skin

We ran a four week trial where participants tested the Leegeehaam Tea Tree Line — here are the results.

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A One-Step Hack That Will Make Your Makeup Look Amazing

You NEED to try this.

How K-Beauty Helped Clear Up My Adult Acne

Find out how Korean Beauty can help get rid of adult acne.

5 Dos and Don’ts of Cleansing

Dirt, sweat, makeup, pollution — your face picks up a lot of growdy things each day. And, if you don’t want them chilling on your skin and gunking up your pores, you’re definitely going to need to do a deep clean. Other than a daily dose of SPF, washing your face is one of the…

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Korean Beauty Best Face Oil Products

How To Use Face Oils Without Breaking Out

Find out the best way to add face oil to your summer skincare routine.

I Swapped My Whole Routine for Watermelon Products

There are a few scents that immediately conjure the image of summer: Salty seaside air, vaguely tropical SPF,  and of course, a big, juicy slice of watermelon. While the IRL pink stuff is technically only in season during the warmer months, there’s a way to hold onto those summertime vibes all year long. We’re talking,…

5 Acids to Use In Your Skincare Routine

Skin-care enthusiasts know that the key to fresh, gorgeous skin — the glow recipe, if you will — is all about exfoliation. To unclog pores and remove dead skin cells so that your serums, masks, and moisturizers can do their thing, it’s all about a good chemical exfoliator. To help you find the best one…

Forget Makeup Wipes: Cleansing Pads Are The Newest Way To Wash Your Face

Like any good beauty editor, I always preach the importance of washing your face. In addition to getting rid of all the bacteria and grime that accumulates on your skin throughout the day, a clean canvas ensures the rest of your skincare products will be able to perform at their best. Despite knowing this, though,…

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads The K-Beauty Way

We all have them; we’d all like not to. For many of us with oily or combination skin, blackheads are a cruel, unjust reality. They are to your face what trolls are to the online arena: all over the place and totally uninvited. The cause of blackheads is simple enough; they’re caused by excess oils…