3 Glow-boosting Ways to Step Up Your Serum Game This Winter

We, at Glow Recipe, are admittedly a little obsessed with serums and may have written about them once (or a zillion times) before. But that won’t stop us from learning every trick out there that makes these supercharged skin heroes work harder, better, faster. Here, three smart tweaks to make to your serum step that will save your skin from the cold, dry weather ahead.

Warm Things Up to Amp Up Absorption

Prepping skin properly can make a dramatic difference in how a serum performs, says NYC-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. To increase absorption, he recommends using lukewarm water when washing your face, which will elevate the skin’s temperature, cause blood vessels to dilate slightly, and make whatever you put on top sink in a little bit better. Remember to apply your serum within a few minutes while skin’s still damp. (Yet another reason to ditch the towel and let your face air-dry.)

You’ll also want to slough off any dead skin cells that make it hard for a serum to do its thing two three times a week. A gentle enzyme powder like Dr. Oracle Radical Clear Enzyme Power Wash is an especially good choice during the cold winter months.

Switch to a Pressed Serum

You’ve swapped out your slip dresses for chunky knits, so consider trading in your lightweight summer serum for a creamier, more comforting staple, too. A pressed serum with a thicker base “will help protect the skin barrier during colder weather,” says Zeichner, who adds that “traditional serums are designed solely for the purpose of delivering high levels of active ingredients to the skin, but do not necessarily have moisturizing properties.”

Our current go-to: Blithe’s new Gold Apricot Pressed Serum. The formula’s 31 percent apricot extract smooths skin by deeply hydrating, while niacinamide brightens and helps beef up collagen over time. All while feeling like buttah. If you’re into your current serum, but need double-duty hydration this winter, try layering it underneath any pressed serum formula. “Serums usually do a single job, be it hydrating, brightening, or collagen boosting,” explains Zeichner, so using two (or three max) is very much allowed.

Seal In All That Skin-Perfecting Goodness

The seasonal drop in humidity and uptick in dry, blustery winds can suck the moisture right out of your face, so once you’ve got your serum(s) on, keep water loss to a minimum by creating a seal over the skin with a heavy-duty moisturizer, say Zeichner. Our perfect winter pick, Make P:rem Safe Relief Cream, skips a laundry list of controversial ingredients in favor of just 12 clean ones, including skin-plumping squalane and anti-inflammatory sage oil that fight dry patches without feeling greasy.

For an extra dose of hydration, press a nourishing oil like Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil on top or try mixing a few drops into your foundation for an ultra dewy finish.

We want to hear from you! Share your best winter-proofing skin tricks below.

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