The Best Way To Wash Your Face


Any skincare enthusiast worth her jade roller knows that cleansing is one of the most vital aspects of keeping your skin healthy. Even those who do nothing more than cleanse, moisturize, and apply skin protection will have some kind of cleanser in their regimen, no matter how spartan. But cleansing is not a one-size-fits-all practice. We all have different approaches and needs, be it your skin type or your lifestyle. Whether you dabble in double cleansing or make do with a splash of water in the a.m., here are the best cleansers for your skincare personality.

The Double Cleanser


She’s mastered the art of the selfie, values science over nature (though she still cares about the ingredients in her products), and can cat-eye line in a moving vehicle. Double cleanses are for PhD-level skincare savants whose skin is on the drier side and want to power wash their skin to eradicate dirt, oil, makeup, and pollution-related particulates. We love the one-two punch combo of Yuri Pibu Grante Cleansing Oil and Whamisa Organic Flowers Creamy Foam Cleanser. The oil’s light texture gives pores a deep clean while imparting soothing hydration, thanks to macadamia and jojoba oils. Antioxidant green tea extract works to calm skin and prevent free radical damage. Free from sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, the foaming cleanser is botanically based and gently, yet effectively, removes impurities to leave skin debris-free and balanced.

The Waterproof Makeup Wearer


This group is advanced, perhaps the Masters students of the skincare arena. Those with a penchant for smear-proof foundation could go for a double cleanse, or they can reach for a single product that does it all. Jelly cleansers are great for this crowd; they tend to be beautifully packaged to boot. One to try is the cult classic J.One Jelly Cleanser, a low pH, makeup-melting gel cleanser.  It boasts propolis, royal jelly, and honey extracts to soothe and brighten the skin while delivering a deep cleanse.

The Hydration Addicts


This group tends to be seduced by hyaluronic acid-infused everything, and may fall prey to overmoisturizing in the name of smooth, supple, lineless skin. But you need not struggle with greasy residue in order to calm and hydrate your drier-than-the-Sahara complexion. If dry or aging skin is a concern, try Make P:Rem Safe Relief Cleansing Foam. A sulfate-free, light wash, its gentle formula is kind to your skin and even uses fewer than 20 ingredients, all low-hazard for the most soothing, irritant-free cleansing experience. It contains hydrating glycerin, coconut, anti-aging sage, calming lavender, and more.

The Acne Sufferer


Those of us for whom pore purging is of paramount importance require a cleanser that does a more thorough job and involves an exfoliant. This group can sometimes fall into the habit of using cleansers that are a bit too harsh or strip the skin of its natural oils — a big no-no for those prone to breakouts. Our pick for those with acneic or oily skin is Dr. Oracle Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash, which contains a unique fruit enzyme in its powder formula that instantly foams up when ‘activated’ by water. Because it’s a powder, it requires fewer preservatives and binding ingredients to stay fresh. Plus, it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, which can potentially irritate skin.

The Late-Night Slacker


This group can be habitual or perhaps every now and then when they’ve had a super long (probably super fun) evening. The simple five minutes it takes to cleanse your skin can feel insurmountable sometimes. You could reach for a wipe of course, or you could opt for a cleansing water, which yields a little more cleaning oomph and doesn’t require you to technically even wash your face. One to test out: Dr. Oracle The Radical Clear Cleansing Water, a water that tones and helps perfect skin by sweeping makeup, dirt, and sebum away from the skin for a softer, more radiant look. Soak a cotton pad with it, swipe it over your skin, then pass out face down in bed guilt-free.

Now that you’re armed with the right formula for your skin type and lifestyle, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the ideal skin situation of your dreams. Just remember to cleanse every night to keep your skin in its best shape possible (looking at you Slackers).

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