GR Test Drive: Watermelon 24/7


Achieving perfect skin isn’t easy, but it’s an attainable feat if you have the right products in your arsenal. We’re talking about mega-hydrators that are rich in nutrients and environmental fighters. Our namesake Watermelon Glow duo foots this bill with light as air formulas derived from organic watermelons – a delicious fruit that’s essentially a giant sphere of healing antioxidants (in case you didn’t know). Watermelon has been used to treat skin ailments for generations in South Korea due to its cooling and restorative properties, and we wanted to bring these benefits to you for both day and night.

Skeptical on whether mother nature can really produce a plant so powerful? Well think again, because our Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer ($39) and Sleeping Mask ($45) are composed of 90 percent watermelon extract. To test the efficacy of these phenomenal watermelon sisters, we had three staffers use the WaySkin Skin Analyzer ($80), a high tech beauty gadget that measures the hydration levels of skin. Check out how these differing skin types were able to find their glow with a little help from one of earth’s juiciest melons.

Janet R.

Skin type: Sensitive

Pre-cleanse WaySkin score: 27%

Post-moisturizer WaySkin score: 68%

Post-sleeping mask WaySkin score: 99%

“Adding the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask to my nighttime routine was an enjoyable experience. The gel felt soft and sunk right into my skin​ when I applied it onto my clean face. The sleeping mask’s watery and bouncy texture once air dried, left my skin feeling very supple and smooth (and definitely pillow-proof). When I woke up in the morning, I rinsed my face with cool water and my skin remained hydrated and plump from the mask. Although my skin looked radiant enough for me to go outside, I squeezed out a few pumps of the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer and patted it into my face. It had a very similar texture to the sleeping mask, but it also felt a tad thicker in consistency when I compared the two. I liked how the Pink Juice glided onto my skin easily without tackiness like other gel moisturizers have done to me in the past. It was great using it on days when I wore makeup since the Pink Juice provided a nice barrier between my skin and foundation.” – Janet, graphic designer

Alison C.

Skin type: Oily/combination

Pre-cleanse WaySkin score: 13%

Post-moisturizer WaySkin score: 91%

Post-sleeping mask WaySkin score: 99%

“As a longtime fan of sleeping masks (and now the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer!), I can honestly say that combining the two was a life changing experience for me. And based on my first WaySkin score, my skin definitely agrees. I’m usually on the oily to combination side, but prior to this little experiment my skin felt unusually tight and dry. For three nights, I smeared the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask all over my face in hopes it’d solve my dry spell. I felt the mask soak into my skin with little effort, and I like how it didn’t make my face feel congested or greasy. I really feel like I got all the antioxidant-rich, watermelon-y benefits from this mask. For example, washing it off was a cinch, and immediately I saw my skin’s radiance – acne scars diminished and all. Having such great results from the sleeping mask, I didn’t think the Pink Juice Moisturizer would make much of a difference. So, I was surprised to see that the Pink Juice took my glow to the next level. My combo skin gets oily on my cheeks while the rest of my face has dry patches scattered about, so it’s usually difficult to find a moisturizer that gets the job done. However, these watermelon sisters solved all my troubled zones with balancing hydration. While my skin usually feels like it gets duller throughout the day and needs a refresh with some mist, these two products together maintained my ‘gwang’ with an even tone.” – Alison, assistant marketing manager

Cortney M.

Skin type: Dry/acne-prone

Pre-cleanse WaySkin score: 46%

Post-moisturizer WaySkin score: 79%

Post-sleeping mask WaySkin score: 97%

“My skin is and always has been dry. Even when I make sure to drink all the water my body needs, my skin is never hydrated enough. It doesn’t help that I LOVE hot showers and refuse to give them up (hey, what can I say, we all have our vices). Knowing this fact about my genetically dehydrated skin didn’t make me enthusiastic about trying the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer. Sure, the Pink Juice is formulated for all skin types, but gels are generally better suited for oily and combination skin – which is why I tend to avoid these in favor of a heavier cream. Within a week’s time, however, this candy-smelling moisturizer did its best to prove me wrong. According to the WaySkin Skin Analyzer, my skin drastically absorbed the hydrating ingredients in the Pink Juice, but it also wasn’t enough to get my score in the high 90s. Luckily, the Pink Juice is light enough to be used as a serum for skin that’s dry AF, which is how I plan to use it from now on. The Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask on the other hand was the real hero I needed. Using it alone after cleansing was enough to send my WaySkin score through the roof. Numbers aside though, my skin felt baby soft with a natural radiance. If I could use this sleeping mask every day, I would, but it has exfoliating AHAs, so it’s not recommended for daily use. I’m at least glad that I’ve seen my hyperpigmentation fade a bit with just three applications per week.” – Cortney, content creator

How do you like to use the Watermelon Glow line? Let us know in the comments!

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