The Making of Whamisa by Glow Recipe Skincare

We are beyond excited to unveil our newest creations – this time in collaboration with one of our favorite and top brands Whamisa. It was natural for us to collaborate with the Whamisa labs to create our next line of exceptional and simplified skincare inspired by the soothing and hydrating properties of green tea. Introducing Whamisa by Glow Recipe’s green tea-powered essential 4-step routine! A gentle Foaming Cleansing Gel, a multi-tasking Serum Toner, an oil-free Moisturizer, and a clarifying Clay Mask.

Known for their state-of-the-art formulations and technology, Whamisa was the first brand we ever curated for Glow Recipe. This collaboration is especially close to our hearts as Whamisa has been with us since the very beginning. From Whamisa, we’ve curated truly innovative products, introducing new formats and technologies such as water-free formulations and fermented skincare. You might have heard of some of Whamisa’s breakout star products such as the Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner or the ever skintertaining Sea Kelp Mask, made of 100% sea kelp.

We worked together with Whamisa’s state-of-the-art labs to develop a full routine that bridges up to our standards of curation (meaning harsh-free, skin-loving formulations) with one of our favorite ingredients: green tea. The goal was to bring green tea to its full skincare potential, and showcase how this versatile green tea is beyond just hydrating to treat oily/combination, and acne-prone skin types. From our collaboration, the 4-step green tea skincare routine was born –

Spilling the tea on green tea

What makes green tea such a superstar ingredient in skincare? We really wanted to shine a spotlight on green tea for its antioxidant content, natural anti-inflammatory properties, and exceptional hydrating abilities. Green tea comes from the Camellia plant, which you may recognize already as an antioxidant and anti-aging powerhouse. The main antioxidant ability in green tea helps to defend skin against signs of aging from environmental stressor and free radicals, making it an ideal treatment to maintain youthful skin. Additionally, green tea naturally reduces inflammation and irritation, instantly calming redness. Lastly green tea’s hydrating properties not only ensure long-lasting hydration, but it also helps to control oil and sebum production in skin.

The full routine brings each of these benefits to the forefront with their unique applications and textures:

Step 1: Green Tea Foaming Cleansing Gel
The gentle Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Foaming Cleansing Gel doubles as a makeup-melter and non-stripping clarifying cleanser. Free from harsh, drying sulfates and SLS, this green-tinted cleanser transforms from a lightweight gel into a moisturizing and pore-purifying foam. Flecks of real tea leaves are dotted in the gel to calm and purify skin, without drying it out.

Step 2: Green Tea Serum Toner
This lightweight, skin–soothing hybrid toner and serum all-in-one instantly floods skin with intense hydration, while imparting antioxidants to treat and refine troubled skin. With the watery, yet bouncy texture of a toner and the treatment of a serum, the aptly named Serum Toner is the next 7 Skin Method go-to, as it applies refreshingly light yet leaves skin instantly quenched.

Step 3: Green Tea Moisturizer
With oily/combination skin types in mind, the Green Tea Moisturizer is an oil-free, fast absorbing moisturizer that leaves skin hydrated and nourished without greasiness or heaviness. The ultra-lightweight texture glides silkily over skin, absorbing immediately to help balance skin’s natural oil levels.

Step 4: Green Tea Clay Mask
We specifically sought to create a soft, fluffy clay that would stay moist and hydrated on skin, without drying or cracking. The Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Clay Mask blends antioxidant-rich Green Tea with purifying White Clay to lift impurities from skin, leaving it clear and luminous.  Banish breakouts and manage oiliness with this gently exfoliating mask that stays whipped and soft to infuse skin with hydration.

Our Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea line is available in limited quantities for preorder now! We can’t wait for you to try out our newest creations and to hear your thoughts!

Get your glow on,
The Glow Recipe Team

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