Here Comes the Sun (And Humidity, and Pollution)

Tips for Sensitive, Rosacea-prone Skin

Summertime is the balmy beach, footprints in the sand, the warmth of the sun, melty popsicles in the park, and exploring the city. However, because I’m constantly outside enjoying the season, it’s also the season my skin flares up the most. I’ve struggled with hyper-sensitive, Rosacea-prone skin my whole life and being exposed to the sun, heat and pollution  means it can easily turn red and irritated after a long day outside.  Keeping my skin happy during the summer time is a tricky balancing act, but I’ve finally found a combination of skincare tips and products that work for me, and hopefully anyone else who is struggling with this skin type!

Ingredients That Are a Beach

First, let’s start off by what not to do or use. Ditching this list of product and food ingredients will improve your skin right away. You might think these ingredients are harmless natural ingredients, but they can be aggravating for hyper-sensitive skin when applied topically or ingested: witch hazel, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus and spices. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to ingredients for your journey to soothed and smooth skin. Also, using extreme water temperatures and abrasive products are detrimental to sensitive skin. Taking these tips to heart, and skin, will ensure your sensitive, Rosacea-prone skin is enjoying the summer time too.

Dear Skin Routine, You Are the Sunshine of My Life

My “ ah-ha!” skincare moment was realizing my skin responds the quickest and best to two things: ingredient simplicity and hydration. Keep your skin moisturized with products that check the appropriate ingredient boxes! This short, but effective skincare routine relaxes and hydrates my skin from morning to night time:

1. Yuri Pibu Grante Cleansing Oil

If it’s morning time, I skip this step and go straight to a easy cleansing water. If it’s evening, this step is essential. To remove my eye makeup, I use this green-tea infused cleansing oil and gently massage it over the skin for at least a full minute. A cleansing oil is a great way to easily remove that stubborn mascara without friction or pulling, and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The antioxidant-rich green tea works to calm the skin while helping to neutralize skin damaging free-radicals as well.

2. LJH Tea Tree Pure Cleansing Water

Next up, the gentle cleanser that’ll melt the rest of your makeup away at night or prep your skin for the day without stripping the skin of its moisture. This cleansing water only has only 7 ingredients, free of parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. Its main ingredient, tea tree, fights against bacteria without creating redness and acne flareups. This step has now properly cleaned, hydrated, and prepped the skin for moisturizer.

3. Make P:rem Safe Relief Cream

I use Make P:rem Safe Relief Cream morning and night because its 12 gentle ingredients soothe and hydrate irritated, sensitive skin. Ingredients such as Glycerin and vegetarian Squalane are sure to keep the skin fully moisturized. The lightweight formula is ideal for applying two thin layers on the skin: one all over the face and the second focusing on the certain areas with texture. I, personally, have find this method really effective.

4. Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Cream

If you’re planning to be outside even just for a couple of minutes, sunscreen is a must over your moisturizer. Blue Ray Sun Cream’s formula works great for me because it’s a physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreens are perfect for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin as they are more gentle than a chemical sunscreen. The most special part of this sun cream? It dramatically cools down the skin’s temperature, perfect for sensitive skin that naturally flushes.

Extra Credit: Whamisa Hydrogel Sheet or Black Jelly Pack

Implementing a second step of moisture as the last step of my evening routine dramatically effects my skin’s texture. I use the Whamisa Organic Flowers and Aloe Vera Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask once a week to drench my skin with moisture and natural ingredients, which make up 95% of the formula. The mask is made entirely of gel which allows the Aloe Vera, Dandelion extract, Camellia, and Chrysanthemum to truly sink into the skin and not just sit on the skin. Twice a week, I use the Black Jelly Pack as a sleeping mask, focusing it only on the areas affected by rosacea. The nourishing mask is high in antioxidants, and black cumin seed, blackberry, and black bee propolis to firm and plump the skin. In the morning, my Rosacea is extremely calm, safe from redness and bumps.

I’m sure you’ll redefine your skin in the summer using these tips and products. Go out and glow with your newly transformed calm, smooth and hydrated skin.

Rock your glow,


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  1. Thanks for the great recommendations. Do you have any products you can recommend for whitening/brightening for sensitive, redness-prone skin? I have some melasma and hyperpientation from sun damage and I’d like to try some products to help lighten the spots, but won’t inflame my skin. Any recommendations?


    • Thanks for asking! If your skin is super sensitive, you might want to avoid typical exfoliating treatments in favor of more gentle, clarifying toners and essences instead. We recommend the Blithe Essence Treatments for addressing dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Email us for more recommendations!


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