Introducing… #ButSkinFirst

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to help people make sense of Korean beauty. From all the different steps and products names to the unique textures, the K-beauty world can be difficult to navigate. That’s where our new video series #ButSkinFirst comes in.

There is this preconception that K-beauty is overwhelmingly complex, or consists of a tedious and time-consuming routine. However, K-Beauty and skincare should be quick, easy, and fun, which is what we wanted to convey in our videos. Skin-tertainment is an emerging K-beauty trend where skincare products amplify the sensorial experience – whether that be through transformative textures or fun concepts – to make skincare entertaining.  Pampering or taking care of yourself (and your skin) on a regular basis should be pleasurable – not a chore. It’s all about enjoying the skin-caring moments of your day.

Coming in at under one minute each, our #ButSkinFirst videos are bite-sized tutorials that we hope will help make K-beauty more accessible and easy to understand.


Speaking to how fun and entertaining skincare can be, what better way to kick off our series than with one of our newest curations, May Island’s Bubble Bean Cleanser? These candy-like skincare beans transform instantly before your eyes from a colorful bean to a multi-cleansing foam with a splash of water. You could read all about how it works, but we made it easier by showing you. After all, seeing is believing!

Watch our full playlist below:

[Edit 3/04] Our giveaway has ended! Thank you for sharing your excellent and inspiring ideas of what to create next for #ButSkinFirst

Get your glow on,
The Glow Recipe Team

2 replies

  1. Wow, what a fun product!

    I am commenting here as I do not use youtube: I’d love to see the following in the next videos:

    -What are your favorite Korean sunscreens?
    -What are your 3 or 4 Korean products ‘must haves’? I know it’s difficult to only choose 3 or 4… (I’d have a hard time!) but if you went to a desert island… what would you pick?


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