The Glow Standard: Product Curation

It’s no secret that we’re extremely selective when it comes to the brands, partners, and products that we curate. This selectivity comes from a place of passion for skincare, but also from the knowledge that our customer base is extremely discerning.

How Do We Curate?

As the only US hub for Korean beauty founded by women with extensive experience in both the Korean and US markets, Sarah and Christine have made it Glow Recipe’s mission to bring the best of K-beauty stateside. In Korea, product testing is a lengthy process, and if something is accepted by tester panels there, it’s sure to do well in the rest of Asia. Korean consumers are simply not impressed by everything that they see- in a market so saturated with awesome skincare, it’s difficult to stand out!

Our love for honest feedback has impacted the way we choose to curate products. Glow Recipe spearheaded the use of a multi-aged, multi-ethnic testing panel of real customers, and these tester panels are the cornerstone of our curation process.

What’s Important to Us?

At Glow Recipe, we believe in working with brands and products that share our mission of prioritizing efficacious natural ingredients and minimizing ingredients that have the potential to cause irritation over time.

The products we curate include the following:

  • Products with strong benefit-driven functionality and natural ingredient stories.
  • Products that are extensively safety tested.
  • Products that are not tested on animals.
  • Products are free of Parabens, Triclosans, Hydroquinone, Benzophenones, BPAs, Tar, Talc, Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth Sulfates, Aluminum, DEET, Formaldehyde, PABA, Toluene, Camphor, PVC, Phthalates and Microbeads.

The number of brands we work with is far outnumbered by those who we’ve chosen to pass on. Waiting through testing periods to launch new products is truly worth it, as experience has shown that time manifests as happy customers and positive feedback, which we’re overjoyed by!

That said, we lust for new products, textures, scents and categories like any other product junkies. Our co-founders Sarah and Christine take multiple trips to Korea each year to meet with brands and R&D labs. They bring back with them many suitcases, as well as a renewed sense of excitement and purpose that is contagious for the whole team. We’re bringing the K-beauty community the best of the best things that we can find. We can’t wait to share them all with you!

IMG_2337 copy

Join the Glow Squad!

This month, we’ll be recruiting our next round of testers. We’ve decided to create and film a small panel of New York City based testers in the first half of the year. These NYC based testers will have the opportunity to meet with us in person at the Glow Recipe offices and will have access to our newest launches. We will be expanding the search to include testers from all over the US later this year.

If you’re based in NYC and want to be a part of this first round of testing, you can submit an application to be part of the panel here:

We’ll be contacting those who have been chosen by February 15th.
Good luck, and get your glow on!
The Glow Recipe Team

13 replies

  1. I worked for Estee Lauder & Clinique for 30 years plus and have been following Sarah & Christine Glow Recipe from Shark Tank. I am so addicted to your products it’s insane. I am anxiously awaiting new products that make a difference in the way my skin looks ,feels great on my skin ,& smell incredible. I am spreading the word about Glow Recipe as fast as I can. One thing I know is knowledge is Gold. Can’t wait for you here in Pearland, Texas


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