#MondaytoFridayMasking Challenge: Which Mask Are You?

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to mask more often in 2016. As we inch toward the end of January, the inevitable resolution slump starts to creep in, making it harder to stick with our aspirations for the year ahead of us. We’re checking in and following up with our masking resolution by bringing back the #MondaytoFridayMasking challenge during the last week of January! With the harsh winter weather and full-blast heaters drying out our skin, there is no better time to kick-start this challenge.

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What is #MondaytoFridayMasking?

The concept of the Monday-to-Friday masking challenge was born in the Glow Recipe office last year, as it’s no secret that we love to mask at home, but also in the office. Upon exchanging and sharing insight to our unique and individualized routines, we came to the conclusion that masking was an integral component that delivered results. By masking every day of the week, we challenged ourselves to take small steps in our skincare routine to make a lasting, long-term difference.

Masks are a great way to pump up your skincare, whether it’s to deep cleanse, exfoliate or hydrate. Taking a 15~20 minutes to give your skin this extra pampering session is a great way to de-stress and reboot your skincare results.

From sheet masks, splash masks, and rubber masks, there is a wide variety of different masks out there to choose from for every budget and concern. There is no wrong or right way to mask – tailor your own routine and do what works best for you!


Which mask are you?

With all the different types of masks, it can be a little daunting to choose the perfect one. If you don’t know where to start with the #MondaytoFridayMasking challenge, let us help lead you in the right direction! We’re created a fun, short quiz that helps determine which type of mask is best suited for you. Click here to find your perfect masking match!

Or check out our Monday to Friday masking set, which we’ve put together at a special price to kick start this challenge.



Challenge yourself and your friends!

We’ll be blogging all next week with masking reviews, how-to’s, tips, and tricks. Follow along as our entire team participates in this #MondaytoFridayMasking Challenge.  We want to see how you do your own Monday to Friday masking! Tag #mondaytofridaymasking and @glowrecipe on any social platform, and we’ll feature the best posts every day on our blog. Also, challenge your friends – tag them to join the fun and mask with us! We’ll pick 3 winners among the tagged posts to win a Monday to Friday Masking set on Jan 30th.*

Which mask were you matched with? Share your results in the comments section below!

Get Your Glow On,


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*Open to US only. 

16 replies

  1. Result: Wash-off Mask. Ironically, I have not tried the I’m From Honey Mask. Since being introduced to Korean skincare, I haven’t had a lot of time, so I’ve just been using splash masks which are great!


  2. I got sheet mask! I ordered a sheet mask and a wash off mask last week to try for the first time and I’m so excited to see the results!


  3. Wash off masks for me – which is true because nothing I love more than to see a blend of the ingredients I am putting on my face. I feel like there’s more of a sensory experience too. More texture and smells. 🙂 I also don’t particularly like having residue left on my face so washing it off in the end feels refreshing!


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