5 Ways to Use a Pressed Serum

Juggling Glow Recipe, family and everything in between, I have to say I’m always a little ‘pressed’ for time. I’ve never been a big proponent of extravagant multi-step routines, simply because on some nights, it’s hard enough to wash your face before collapsing into bed. Having a routine that doesn’t seem insurmountable makes it that much easier to actually do it.


I’ve been using Blithe’s Pressed Serums since earlier this year and these multitaskers have been a life saver for my routine. The chemists at Blithe used a unique ‘slow cooling’ method during formulation to create a fast-absorbing, yet comforting treatment that does double-duty as an effective serum and moisturizer. The texture is lightweight enough to use in a multitude of ways – below I’ve listed five methods that are my go-tos for the Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum and Gold Apricot Pressed Serum.

    1. Serum hyphenate moisturizer
      On most nights, I default to double cleansing with an oil cleanser, then foam cleanser (cleansing is the one thing that I never skimp on!), a hydrating essence toner and then the pressed serum. I like to pat a pea sized amount of the product all over the face and neck in a gentle, upwards motion.21568695_116792102336711_126478617839403008_n
    2. As a lightweight moisturizer
      If I need an extra boost of radiance, layering the pressed serum with an ampoule always leaves me with glowy skin in the morning. After cleansing and toning, pat a few drops of ampoule onto your skin, then apply the pressed serum.Honey_Glow_AddOn
    3. As a uber-hydrating serum
      During dry winter nights, my skin feels sucked dry of moisture. Use a pressed serum during the serum step by taking a pea sized amount and warm it between the fingertips, then press gently all over the face. Then apply an emollient moisturizer of your choice.18809127_1973386216223890_9110919128641699840_n
    4. As a ‘finisher’ over BB Cream
      At the last step of my morning routine, which is a lightweight BB Cream, I like to take a small amount of pressed serum and rub between palms a few times, before pressing hands over the face. Focus on the cheekbone areas for the touch of subtle glow. 24175541_502855220086078_480610181906956288_n
    5. As a sleeping mask
      On especially lazy nights, I go straight from cleansing to a very generous portion of pressed serum all over the face, which functions as a luxurious overnight mask.  26156952_162315734408575_2855477601944731648_n

Want a little more info on pressed serums? Check out our past blog posts on how to use one, and also how to choose the pressed serum that’s right for your skin type.

Get your glow on,

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  1. I feel confused about what is the EYE area…………do you consider the cheekbone’s the face area for the serum and the eye area just above that and the eye lid for the eye cream? I know that must sound crazy but I do what to get the most out of your products………….for a long time I have thought that the cheekbone area was the eye area, might be why I have breakouts there…..????……….thanks!!!


    • I follow the orbital bone that surrounds the eye! If you take your finger and trace around the eye you should feel it! Not too close or the cream could migrate into the eye and sting! I have never experienced this with the Korean or Japanese products but many American products will “walk” right on into the eye! Good luck!


      • yes that makes sense….thank you for the help!!!!………it has probably been bad products I have been using that causes the break outs of white heads and such in that area. I am so excited to be getting my serum and Organic Flowers eye cream in the next few days. I have heard nothing but great comments on the products. I have a limited budget, but after I get those items I am going to splurge on the toner also!!!


        • This is the best skin care I have ever used and I used to work for Revlon and EL! I have my own skin care business that I am giving up as a new product burned the skin right off my face and the Korean skin care renewed my skin!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I got my pressed serum and organic eye cream today!! I love the way it feels on my skin!!! I also want to get a stand alone moisturizer, which one of the products do you use? I am just so excited about these products!!! Thanks Edna for your help!!!


          • The serum is also a moisturizer but I need more do I ordered the flower one as I love the eye cream! I like it that everything is nourishing yet light! What is your skin type? I am also double cleansing st nite and using the rubber masks and the sheet masks! I alternate! If I can help let me know!


          • my skin type is a combo, but I was looking at the Flowers moisturizer also as I already love the eye cream!!! My budget is tight, but I am going to try and get the moisturizer soon!!!


          • Hi Rose,
            Yes I used the pressed serum under the flower cream during the day and the ampule first the the pressed serum at nite! Always use the eye cream first!


          • Edna, which Flowers cream did you get? the Lotion or the Nourishing Cream? I am thinking of getting one of those and the Flowers Original Essence Toner……do you use a toner? which one?


          • Hi Rose,
            I got the flower cream and I have the spray toner that was on Shark Tank but I am changing to another when this is gone! I think that the one I am using has been drying me out some! I have never been a big fan of toners but as I love everything about this line I decided to use it! Let me know your thoughts!


      • when using the eye cream I am going inside the orbital bone to apply, the bone itself is considered the face fore serum? Like where my crows feet are starting to show…………………


          • so you are following the bone on top of it. It is just a fine line of thinking………..I always thought of that as my eye area but then I thought it was my face due to the crow lines. so I guess it is a half and half mark. LOL


  2. I absolutely love this product and every other product! This leaves my skin so hydrated and glowing! I actually have a skin care business but I have experienced some issues with my skin so tried these products! I will never use any other product! I am 63 and my skin looks to be 40s! I ha e used Japanese products too but Korean women really have the most beautiful skin! I also love the country and the food!

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