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Next-level hydration technology is blowing up. The first way being: ‘Aqua Peeling’, which we previously discussed on our blog, and the second being ‘Aqua Filling’. Both are derived from names of hydration-based procedures that are now on the menu of most derm clinics in Korea and help achieve the ideal of that custard-like, bouncy texture that is found in youthful skin.

Aqua fill is exactly that – to youthfully plump and fill the skin with hydration. And moisture-binding products which help to youthfully ‘fill’ the face are an obssession of Korean women, hence the frequent use of hot skincare onomatopeia such as ‘taeng taeng’, ‘zzon zzon (ie. plump, supple skin) by Korean brands.

‘Aqua filling’ the skin starts right after cleansing, when Korean women, instead of wiping away moisture with a towel, gently pat the skin with the fingertips while it is wet, until skin is slightly damp to the touch. Extensively tested  by a popular Korean magazine a few years ago, this ‘patting’ ritual alone was found to actually increase skin’s hydration levels by double digits when tested by a corneometer. The next step is to layer key products that help anchor moisture to skin’s deepest layers, such as a hydrating essence toner, a concentrated treatment and a moisturizer with moisture-binding ingredients.

It’s almost impossible to talk about aqua filling without discussing the natural ingredients that create this filling effect. We’ve talked about the Tremella mushroom (many times) and its ability to soak up and retain 500 times its weight in water. Watch the video below to see it in action:

Now, imagine that same intense hydration for your skin. Just as the unique mushroom blooms when introduced to water, when skin is introduced to an aqua filling product, it holds onto hydration and gives skin a fuller appearance from the inside out. Earth’s Recipe’s Energy Boosting Toner and Moisture Bound Cream both contain Tremella mushroom extract and fall within the aqua filling trend. When paired together, the toner and cream quench and revive skin.


Tremella-filled Moisture Bound Cream from Earth’s Recipe

Another star ingredient in aqua filling is raw bamboo sap. If you think about bamboo (besides pandas being the first association that comes to mind), the plant itself is able to grow up to 3 feet in 24 hours, making it the fastest growing plant in the world. This incredible growth rate is due to bamboo’s ability to efficiently collect and store water.


Image: Kevin Jones

Bamboo sap is a key liquid from the plant that benefits skin with hydration. It also contains a lot of amino acids, glucose, and minerals which are all very nutritious for skin. In the same way the Tremella mushroom latches on to water, bamboo sap works similarly to ‘fill’ the skin with moisture. As an skincare ingredient, it even mimics skin’s natural moisturizing factors, resulting in dewy and full skin. Primary Raw’s Doyou Azulene Gel Cream (a new addition to the site!) is formulated with bamboo sap to provide incredibly lightweight hydration. The unique bouncy texture of the gel cream hints at how supple and plump skin becomes after application.


Primary Raw’s Doyou Azulene Gel Cream is formulated with bamboo sap

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